As the leaves start to turn and the nights get cooler the inevitability of winter is upon us. Thinking about where the best places to travel this winter is a good idea now, so you can book early and avoid the rush and higher prices.

Lets Explore the Amazing Places to Travel this Winter

There are the usual destinations that people flock to each winter, and while those are nice, it is a great idea to consider travelling somewhere a little different so you can avoid some of the crowds and come back to work with some interesting and unique stories. Consider either warm weather vacations or cultural vacations that ignore the climate and you will find some of the best places to travel this winter that your colleagues at work will not have even considered. Take the road less travelled for your winter getaway this year and you will not be disappointed.


An outdoorsman’s paradise, according to Iceland’s Tourism Board, if you are not looking to escape the cold this winter then head to this Nordic Nation. Airfare to Iceland is relatively inexpensive so it is worth checking out. Once you arrive enjoy a stellar spa experience at a geothermal spa, visit a Geyser or glacial river, or take in the awe inspiring Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best places to travel this winter, or any time of year for that matter as it is so unique.Iceland is one of the best Amazing Places to Travel this Winter

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 

The most cosmopolitan of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas still maintains the secluded style of the other US Virgin Islands, per St. Thomas offers spectacular viewing points of the Caribbean either by taking the 99 Steps of Charlotte Amalie or travel even higher with the Skyride. If watersports are more your speed, then St. Thomas offers unparalleled sports fishing.St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands