Bed and Breakfast Stays are great ways to save a little money over a conventional hotel and offer you a quaint experience that is both personal and relaxed. When you are in Europe you will likely just need a comfortable place to lay your head at night and fuel to get your day started with tourist activities.

1. Canto De Luz – Porto, Portugal

Located in central Porto and close to public transit. Run by French couple, Brigitte and Andre who are friendly and helpful, Canto de Luz perfectly marries the traditional architecture of Porto with a contemporary flair. Be sure to ask the owners about what to do in Porto as they have a wealth of ideas and advice.Bed and Breakfast

2. Bonnington Square – London, England

Found in the heart of London, this bed and breakfast is only a stone’s throw from all the major attractions. Accommodations boast a separate apartment and owner Andy has worked hard to implement guest feedback and comments over the years.Bonnington Square – London, England