It’s time to update your bucket list and rethink those vacation destinations you thought you wanted to visit – because we have some of the most beautiful breathtaking places in the world for you. What’s cool about these destinations is the fact that you’ve likely never heard of them before. So get out your suitcase and passport because you will want to get here before everyone else finds out about them. Breathtaking Places You've Never Heard of

1. Ogasawara Islands, Japan

This archipelage of more than 30 islands is located south of Tokyo and is often referred to as the Galapagos of the Orient because of its diverse ecosystems, landscapes and native species. The islands are home to about 200 endangered bird species, the Bonin flying fox, a bat that’s in danger of extinction and several types of fish and coral. About 2,440 people live on two of the islands but the others are uninhabited. Ogasawara Islands, Japan