If you’ve had your fill of gray stone and stuffy buildings and just want to take in some comforting sights, you’re in luck. America is full of quaint and cute places to explore, and some of them may be right near your own hometown. Check out the following 10 cutest small towns in America to make your next trip a cozy one!


The Cutest Small Towns In America:

Mooresville, Alabama: A Living Museum

Dubbed a “living museum” by Southern Living and home to fewer than 100 residents, the quaint Town of Mooresville in Limestone County was established back in 1818. With an area of just 0.1 mile and only six streets, this entire town is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and its pride at its place in history is evident by how well-maintained the historic areas and buildings are.

Mooresville, Alabama is one of the Cutest Small Towns in America


The Mooresville sawmill post office is the oldest one in service in Alabama, dating back to 1840, and it still has call boxes that date from before the Civil War. Located where Lauderdale and High Streets meet, this historic post office still has some fixtures that were moved from the original mailroom in the local tavern and a chimney of handmade bricks. The Mooresville official website notes that its post boxes number up to just 48, and some families in the town have had the same box for several generations.


Adding to this town’s incredible historic charm, there’s also a brick church on Lauderdale Street that dates back to 1839, with a wooden sign pointing in the direction of “heaven.” Presidential buffs should know that a clapboard-clad Church of Christ is where President James Garfield once preached before he gave his position up to run for office.

Mooresville, Alabama


One of the most interesting things about Mooresville – and that’s really saying something – is how many multi-generational residents there are. Current Mayor Margaret-Anne Crumlish was the third mayor in her family, which can trace its Mooresville roots back for seven generations. Another famous local, Woody Peebles, is a sixth-generation resident who has literally lived on the same street for 64 years. The Peebles Home on North Street is also the residence of Woody’s wife, Lyla, who owns the popular homemade items shop, Lyla’s Little House.