Earth Day is now behind us for another year, but that does not mean that you should not think about the world we live in year round and what better way to connect to our beautiful planet than to explore nature. Ecotourism has been more popular as of late and the following destinations will show you why it’s hip to care about the planet.

1. MesoAmerican Reef, Belize

The largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere and is home to many species of marine life, some endangered or protected like sea turtles. There is plenty to see and do and many parks and areas to explore.MesoAmerican Reef, Belize

2. Alaska

A popular destination for all things outdoors, Alaska offers a great variety of activities like: hunting, fishing, and mountaineering. Alaska is also a popular destination for cruises and this also offers a great way to travel up the Alaskan coast.Alaska