It’s one of the most charmingly unusual cities along the west coast of the continent, and you owe it to yourself to see a good selection of the sights, tastes, and sounds that make San Francisco a world-class metropolis. Of course, traveling styles differ and budgets can pose some limitations, but that’s nothing to worry about – these 10 sites are not only affordable (or free!), they’re also some of the most exciting, fun, and awe-inspiring San Francisco fixtures that will make your tour of the city one to remember. Find Amazing Deals: Hotels, San Francisco

North Beach


The name is a bit misleading (there’s no beach in sight), but this neighborhood proves you don’t need coastline to be lively, engaging, and charming. A touch of European romance, a majestic church, and a tower to climb for top-notch photo ops make North Beach a special corner of the city. There are tons of easy-to-find beautiful hotels in the heart of North Beach, making this the perfect place to spend a few days. Since it’s the Italian quarter, this is where to stop for an authentic taste of Italy.