No matter where you are in the world, the typical hotel set up is always basically the same.  Opting for more unique accommodations can help make your trip one to remember.  AirBnB has plenty of off-beat places for variety-seeking travellers to settle in for the night.  Click “Next” to see the 10 most unique AirBnB rentals.

1. The Castle

Using a historic castle as your home base has to be one of the best ways to take in the English countryside.  Choose from 15 grand rooms for your stay, while taking in the amazing architecture, which includes turrets, Tudor paneling, and gothic windows.  Located on the edge of Yorkshire dales, and less than an hour from the center of the popular Lake District, this is a great place to explore Northern England. Unique

2. The Haunted Lighthouse

Built in 1840, this Port Washington, New York lighthouse is located in an area known as “Execution Rocks,” where pre-revolutionary British soldiers would tie prisoners to the rocks during low tide, letting them drown slowly as the tide came in.  In the 1920’s the lighthouse became a dumping ground for a local serial killer.  Coast Guard members who worked at the facility reported everything from strange sounds to ghostly visions.  Spend the night if you dare! haunted lighthouse