What better way to see the sites but from up top? Many of us would love to be able to scale a mountain like Everest or K2. The unfortunate part is that not all of us are in good enough physical shape to be able to climb these legendary mountains. There are however, many smaller mountains for the rest of us. Here are a few.

1. Mount Fuji, Japan

Rumor has it that Mount Fuji is the most frequently-climbed mountain in the world. With an elevation of 12,388 feet, it’s also Japan’s tallest summit. Located on Honshu Island, Mount Fuji’s official climbing season only lasts from July to August, with many amateur and expert hikers alike flocking for its world famous sunrise and sunsets.mountains

2. Half-Dome, USA

At 8,835 feet high, the views across Yosemite from Half-Dome, are some of the most magnificent in the United States. It is considered one of North America’s most stunning rock formations. One of the most famous parts of this hike is the ascent up the cables. The two metal cables allow hikers to climb 400 feet to the summit without hiking equipment.Half-Dome, USA

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