Germany has a handful of prominent cities, and Munich tends to stray from the pack in several ways. For one, it resides over the Bavarian region, where beer flows like water and people tend to celebrate everyday feats as well as longstanding traditions. But the city won’t be defined by its Alpine associations and royal remnants alone: as the nation’s seat of modern technology and art, Munich is always out in front, and blends together the old and new surprisingly well. For an authentic Munich experience, visit these ten sites that trace the evolution of the city, its community, and its perspective.


Image: Sean Pavone /

If you happen to be passing through the city in September, you really can’t miss the legendary beer festival that fills the center with colorful tents, and an even more colorful crowd. Donning lederhosen and dirndls, millions of locals and visitors alike flock to the world’s largest fall fair that lasts for 16 days and rests on Bavaria’s favorite elixir. Each year, the mayor of Munich taps the first keg of beer to kick off the festivities, and the huge tents host the liveliest, polka-backed party you will ever see: strangers dance, sing, eat and drink together until all social insecurity flies out the proverbial window.