Norway is a gem of Northern Europe, the proverbial feather in Scandinavia’s cap. What makes it so great? For one, the vast expanse of uniquely wild landscape, cut with countless fjords and a jagged skyline of primitive mountains. Norway is a veritable paradise for nature lovers, given that a love and reverence for the natural surroundings is firmly etched in the national identity.

You’ll also find a deep and intriguing culture here, one that has earned various sites across the country the UNESCO heritage badge, and keeps travelers coming back for more. From Vikings to 20th century art masters, there’s a lot to learn about this seafaring country’s contribution to modern life while you explore the wild and humbling surroundings. So, if you’re after a magnificent North European experience, be sure to include these 10 Norwegian stops on your tour.



Oslo is Norway’s ancient capital, and it certainly earns the title, with a thriving city center, impeccable harbor front, and array of world-class museums. History and modernity blends well here: the Vikingskipshuset will give you a glimpse into the city’s centuries-old Viking past, while the gleaming new opera house paves the way for a bright future on the arts scene. The Nasjonalgalleriet is another must-see in Oslo, and you can top off your cultural tour with a visit to some of the best cafés and restaurants in Northern Europe, with a forested backdrop that hints at the wilderness beyond.