South America is a big continent, stretching over some of earth’s greatest peaks and valleys, which can make it an intimidating destination. After all, where do you start? A lot will depend on your traveling style, but there are a host of places that are sure to please everyone with their historic treasures, cultural vitality, and jaw-dropping landscapes. If you’re gearing up for a South American tour, make sure to include these phenomenal sites on your itinerary.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

It’s not a guarded secret – you can expect lots of other tourists roaming through Buenos Aires – but Argentina’s capital is a perennial favorite for some very good reasons. The infrastructure is splendid, with wide boulevards and bustling food-filled avenues, and the people are vibrant and passionate. This is the home of tango, masterfully grilled meat, and late-night living. The city is mesmerizing and magnetic: animated Latin American culture meshes with the cosmopolitan culinary scene and shopping so well that many travelers fall in love at first sight (and inevitably return).