Las Vegas is the perfect place to tap into your hedonistic tendencies, kick off your inhibitions and throw caution to the wind. In fact, millions of visitors to the flashing oasis insist that the gambling, drinking and partying is what makes Sin City worth a visit, but savvy travelers know that some of the best experiences don’t rest on bottomless drinks and roulette wheels. If you want to stretch your dollar and make some great memories to last a lifetime, consider a visit to these Vegas sites.

Pinball Hall of Fame


A pinball wizard’s dream, but just as fun for casual gamers, the Pinball Hall of Fame is an exhibition of 400 pinball machines from all eras. But the best part is, this is an active arcade – visitors can spend hours playing their way through their favourite machines (including some incredibly rare specimens). It’s a great alternative to slots, especially since it’s totally family friendly, and you can take comfort in the fact that it’s run as a non-profit organization with any extra funds going to the Salvation Army.