Major cities of the world typically have one thing in common, and that is the attraction of a high-rise tower. While the tower is an impressive part of the skyline and identity of the city, it also serves as a look-out to see the city from. No two towers are alike in either: design, height or history.

1. CN Tower

Right in the epi-centre of Toronto, Canada is the CN Tower, which was once the tallest-free standing structure in the world. Noteworthy besides the observation deck is the glass floor and the sky-walk for those who want to be harnessed in to be able to walk towers

2. Tokyo Skytree

The second tallest tower in the world, the tower has three-fold uses as a broadcasting tower, restaurant and observation deck. The tower is illuminated every night with two different lighting schemes. The most notable architectural aspect of the building is its ability to withstand earthquakes.Tokyo Skytree

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