Wining and dining is an essential part of travel, and the meals you enjoy can be some of the most lasting memories you’ll take from your trip. Some restaurants have managed to suture the dining experience to the landscape in remarkable ways: perched on precipices, tucked into prehistoric caves, or soaring high above the city on impossibly high skyscrapers, the experience becomes a feast for all the senses. If you want to spice up your meals with an extraordinary view, try any of these 10 restaurants, where the food isn’t the only thing to write home about.

‘Hole in the Wall Bar,’ Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Buza Bar in Croatia’s capital is built right into the city’s ancient stone walls – you have to walk through the “hole in the wall” to get to the strip of café tables that hang on the side of a sheer rocky cliff. The big draw is the uninterrupted view of the impossibly blue Adriatic Sea, but when the rocky pathways are lit up in the evening, there’s a pretty magical ambiance on shore, too.1