The world can be a seriously strange place sometimes. If you’re interested in the weird or unusual, here are some weird phenomena you should be adding to your travel bucket list.

1. Ghost Tracks, San Antonio, Texas, United States

These ordinary-looking train tracks are known as the ghost tracks because of the odd phenomenon that happens when cars park on the tracks. It is said that once a school bus got stuck on the tracks and got hit by a train, killing all the children. According to local legend, anyone who stalls, stops or parks on the tracks will have their car pushed off by the ghosts of the dead children. Adding to the creepiness factor, people have reported sprinkling baby powder on their car, only to have found handprints once they’ve cleared the tracks. Check out this video to see it for yourself.
Ghost Tracks, San Antonio, Texas, United States

2. Room 428, Athens, Ohio, United States

Inside Ohio University’s Wilson Hall lies a room that has been boarded up and closed off because of reports of paranormal activity. Legend has it that university officials deemed room 428 inhabitable after students reported objects flying off shelves and smashing into walls, as well as doors opening and closing. There have been sightings of the ghost of a female student who died tragically after using the energy of the room to practice astral projection, a method of separating the human spirit from one’s body.
Room 428, Athens, Ohio, United States