Summer holidays are likely on your mind with the return of warmer weather. It can be expensive planning activities for the family for the summer, especially if children are out of school. Balancing having a family vacation in the summer with other priorities can be tricky, so here are some ideas for summer vacation activities that will not seriously diminish your bank account, while still being fun.

1. Camping

Heading out to a campsite for a week offers lots of activities and the ability to enjoy the great outdoors without much cost, provided you own or can borrow the equipment you need.Camping

2. Bike Ride

Go for a bike ride, not just around the block, but plan a day of it. Pick a destination that will take you some time to get to and have a nice lunch and wander around and then make the long trek home. Enjoy the open road and fresh air. Make sure to bring your water bottle to stay hydrated. Getting active is the best and most inexpensive way to enjoy summer’s good fortune.Bike Ride