10 Tips to Keep You Safe When Travelling

When travelling to a foreign country or city you need to be prepared to be more aware, as what applies at home may not be case. Being street smart is not a skill that most people are taught so keep some general rules in mind to protect yourself and your belongings when abroad.

1. Get Immunized

Protect your health and get any immunizations up to date for your destination country. Research your destination country early so that you can be fully protected before departure. If health risks in your destination do not have immunizations, reconsider your travel plans.Safe When Travelling

2. Take Photocopies

Keep a copy of the identification page of your passport in a safe place, in case it gets lost or is stolen. Also, photocopy any other important documentation or ID. In the case that you are without your passport having this photocopy makes it a lot easier to replace the document at the embassy.Safe When Travelling