Traveling is already stressful enough with all the planning, packing, and worrying about what you’ve forgotten. Getting yourself ready for vacation or a big move can be daunting, and adding a pet to the trip makes it even more complicated. Keeping your pet safe is a top priority, and many people choose driving over flying whenever possible to keep their pet with them for the whole trip. Whether going by car, plane or train, these tips will ease your travel stress, keep your pet safe and make traveling with your pet easier.

1. Make traveling with your pet easier with feeding times

While it might seem like a good idea to feed your pet an extra meal right before a long flight or car ride, this could actually make your traveling more complicated! To help limit bathroom accidents and motion sickness, it is recommended that you feed your pet the normal amount of their usual food four to six hours before the flight or car ride. This allows enough time for your pet to digest the food.Make traveling with your pet easier with feeding times

2. Take a few practice trips

Prepare your pet by taking a few smaller car trips first. Take note of how your pet reacts in different traveling situations. Observe your pet’s anxiety level, and see if your pet reacts negatively to the motion or needs to go to the bathroom more frequently than usual. This way, you can calculate how often to include breaks in longer car trips or ask the veterinarian for natural remedies to eliminate motion sickness.Take a few practice trips