Cities along the Mediterranean offer year-round warm weather, fascinating history, diverse cultures, and stunning architecture. Also, many of the major cruise ship operators offer packages from various departure ports. So pack your bags, grab your phrase books and set sail for adventure. Here are some Amazing Stops to include on your Mediterranean Cruise!

1. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Fun Facts

  • Country/Region: Greece/South Aegean
  • Population (2011): 10,134
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Avg Summer High 28C
  • Avg Winter High 15C
  • Avg Sunny Days/Year: 300 Days
  • Known for Whitewashed Buildings With Deep Blue Colors Matching The Surrounding Waters


If you’re looking for fun in the sun, then you’ll find it in Mykonos, with its party atmosphere and popular night spots. It's definitely now the place to be and be sure to visit the Windmills on the hill, enjoy a leisurely seaside meal and soak up the cosmopolitan vibe amid the traditional white-washed buildings. This is one stop where you’ll fall in love with some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.


Mykonos town with a whitewashed windmill and a cruise ship, Mykonos island, Greece | Photo By Aetherial Images/Shutterstock

Little Venice, Mykonos Island, Greece

Little Venice, Mykonos Island, Greece | Photo By Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock

Panagia Paraportiani church

Panagia Paraportiani church in Mykonos Town, Mykonos Island, Greece | Photo By Ppictures/Shutterstock

2. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Fun Facts

  • Country/Region: Italy/Veneto
  • Population (2011): 264,579
  • Climate: Humid Subtropical
  • Avg Summer High 27.7C
  • Avg Winter High 6.6C
  • Avg Sunny Days/Year: 188 Days
  • Known for Canal Streets and hundreds of pedestrian footbridges spanning the canals. Be sure to get a water taxi from main train station to an area near your hotel. Finally, Murano glass made on the Venetian island of Murano and sold everywhere in Venice


Luxury Mediterranean Cruises often use Venice as their departure city. There are no roads, only canals as the city is built over 100 islands in a lagoon. This enchanting destination offers secret squares, Gothic architecture, museums and art on every corner, and don’t forget to take a ride on one of Venice’s famous gondolas along the canals. You’ll discover history seeping from every brick, vibrant nightlife, delicious Italian cuisine and fantastic shopping. For the best Mediterranean cruise - Venice has to be on the itinerary.

Travel from London to Venice on the Orient Express

Grand Canal in Venice at the sunset, Venice, Italy | Photo By givaga/Shutterstock

Murano Glass artwork

Murano glass artworks on display on island of Murano, Venice, Italy | Photo By Volha Stasevich/Shutterstock

San Marco square

San Marco square in Venice, Italy early in the morning | Photo By martinho Smart/Shutterstock