Whether it’s a long-haul or domestic flight it is recommended to attempt to get some sleep when you fly so you arrive well rested. But whether it’s nerves or cramped seats, getting comfortable mid-flight can be tricky. To help you drift off, here are the best ways to fall asleep on a plane!


Explore the best ways to fall asleep on a plane

Getting sleep on a plane can be tricky, especially if you fly in space-challenged economy seating. Sitting in an upright chair is typically not the way that most of us are used to getting our best night’s sleep, so maximize your chances of getting some sleep on a plane by planning ahead and being prepared. Here are some of the best ways to fall asleep on a plane.


With ear plugs

Bring your own earplugs and put them in when you are ready to start winding down for some sleep. Ear plugs will block out all the background noise of other passengers and the engine itself if you are seated close to it, making this one of the best ways to fall asleep on a plane – and also the easiest! Earplugs are also a visible sign to the flight attendants that you do not want to be disturbed and they will likely pass you by for any refreshments or meals.

Best ways to fall asleep on a plane With Ear plugsWith a pillow

Ask for a pillow or pack a small neck pillow in your carry-on. If you are seated next to a window, then you can place the pillow on the wall of the plane and create a nice soft place for your head. The indent in the window as the best place to rest your head in the hopes to get some rest on the flight.

With a pillow