With so many awe-inspiring views to find in Peru, this is an easy list to make. The country is so wonderfully diverse with towering mountains, arid deserts and the largest area of rainforest on the globe. With an ancient depth of culture and almost 22,000 species of plants and wildlife, Peru is an epic bucket list destination and has to be seen to be believed.

Sacred Valley

Situated in the Andean highlands, the Sacred Valley forms the heart of the ancient Incan empire. With beautiful Colonial Spanish towns and miles of farmland, this is where you’ll find the famous Inca Trail. There are numerous trails to choose, from the tough to the sedate, but all will astound with direct access to the famed Incan ruins as part of Macho Picchu tours. You’ll also find ruins at the town of Pisac and be sure to include a visit the attractive town of Cuzco.

Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu

You simply cannot visit Peru without seeing the ‘lost city of the Incas’. The views are spectacular as you look high over the Andes at 2,430m. The UNESCO World Heritage Site overlooks the Urubamba River and serves as the most gratifying end to the efforts of following the Inca Trail. Be sure to check out the best Machu Picchu tour packages with airfare for a once in a lifetime experience.

Machu Picchu Peru