When you reach your 50’s, you might think that your travelling days are over, however it’s never too late to discover new places around the world. To help you decide where to go on your next trip we have compiled 15 places to visit in your 50's!

1. Swiss Alps

Take a walk through the alps and marvel at the spectacular views of the landscape. A lot of the trails are easy to hike and there are cable cars that travel up to the ascent of the mountains, so it is not too strenuous. There’s also some lovely villages to visit as well as contemporary city life, and don’t forget to try their swiss chocolate.

15 Places to Visit in Your 50's - Swiss Alps

2. Iceland

If you’re a keen adventurer than Iceland is one of the perfect places to visit in your 50's. Wrap up warm and explore the beautiful landscapes including the Skaftafell Ice Cave in Vatnajokull National Park to view the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). There are also several other activities such as whale watching, relaxing in the blue lagoon and touring the golden circle.