From Vatican City to Angkor Wat and many places in between. Here are amazing spiritual destinations that have great significance to so many people in the world and are some of the places you need to visit on your journey to a more enlightened self.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

As well as being the best preserved architectural site of the Khmer Empire (AD 802-1431), Angkor Wat is the largest spiritual complex in the world, covering some 400 kilometers. Archaeologists have uncovered significant links between the movements of the skies and the placement of each one of this ancient construction’s stones and, to this day, many visitors to Angkor Wat report experiencing a sense of heightened spirituality and cosmic connection.

6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

2. Mt Athos, Greece

Look away, girls - only men (and only those over the age of 18) may visit Greece’s 2,033 meter high Holy Mountain on the Halkidiki peninsula, where 20 Orthodox communities of monks co-exist in a self-governing society. A stringent entry permit system is in place, but simple guesthouse accommodation is available at the monasteries for visitors hiking, pilgrim-style, between each one.

2. Mt Athos, Greece