A fierce and bold wine making tradition, an alpine backdrop, and a bucolic landscape make up the northern region of Piedmont. French and Italian culture mingle in the kitchen and history blends seamlessly with the rolling green landscape, but there are also some very singular – very Piedmontese – sites to be enjoyed, too. From the legendary treasures of Turin to the rolling greens hills leading to pristine lakes and self-sustaining farmsteads (agriturismos), Piedmont may be the most diverse region in Italy. If not, it’s at least one of the most indulgent and relaxing, especially if you include these six exceptional experiences in your tour.

1. Turin

Turin is a true Italian metropolis, though influences of other European cities may peek through the cracks here and there. It has served as Italy’s capital, host to the Olympic Games, and the seat of religious mystery; that history has led to a mixture of outstanding art, cultural integrity, and a lively, thirsty lifestyle. If you only have a day in this city, your shortlist should include the Mole Antonelliana, Piazza Castello, Duomo di San Giovanni, and the Turin Cathedral, which houses the legendary shroud of Turin. But this isn’t a sleepy medieval village – Turin has a culinary scene, nightlife, cultural facilities and major industry to match any other cosmopolitan center in central Europe. The difference is, it also has an astounding collection of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau atmosphere.turin