We all know that climate change is a reality that we’ve reluctantly had to come to accept. However, with global warming and other negative environmental trends changing natural landscapes around the world, some of the world’s most picturesque vacation destinations will eventually fade into memory. Here are some natural wonders you need to see before they’re gone.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

How big is the great barrier reef? So big you can see it from space! Despite its large size, this natural wonder of the world is at risk of disappearing.  Carbon-driven ocean acidification is threatening all the world’s ocean reefs. High ocean temperatures cause coral bleaching which can hit reefs fast and hard with devastating effects. About 50% of the corals have already disappeared. This has prompted the State and Federal governments to unveil a long-term sustainability plan for safeguarding the Great Barrier Reef until 2050, so you should have at least until then to see what remains of this beautiful underwater paradise. great barrier reef