Croatia has earned a lot of attention in recent years, and now the stretches of white sand beaches and medieval villages are bringing in more tourists than ever. However, the spectacular sites and experiences are in every nook and cranny of Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, which helps to spread out its guests – even in the summer season, you can count on a thoroughly relaxing holiday, if you plan wisely. It’s impossible to touch down on all 1185 of the country’s islands in one go, but you can sample a good swath of the white sandy coastline, and still fit in the unforgettable sites on the mainland before you have to leave this European paradise.



This coastal city is one of the country’s undisputed highlights, both for its infrastructure and the activity that brings it to life. Dubrovnik is a stunning specimen of medieval preservation, with a beautiful old town that has remained surprisingly intact for centuries and the original defensive wall built to keep invaders out (and the majesty in). Indeed, it is a compact city with a magnetic center, but it doesn’t lose any charm as you move away from the main squares. Not only is this a top stop in Croatia, it’s one of the most revered cities across the Mediterranean.