7 Superb Welsh Sites and Cities to Explore

This is a land of castles and mountains, where you’ll find some of the most rugged prehistoric peaks alongside the pillars of European civilization. And while the mountain ranges dissect the landscape, there are plenty of lovely little towns and seaside ports offering a big dose of Welsh hospitality that will keep you coming back for more. In fact, Wales is a delightfully hybrid, pleasantly compact journey through one of most interesting geological outcrops in the UK, and one of the oldest living cultures in Europe. If you’re looking for landscape and lifestyle like you’ve never seen before, pass on a beach retreat for a summer sojourn in Wales – and be sure to hit these 7 amazing sites while you’re there.



A visit to Wales usually begins with a stop in Cardiff, the old coal mining capital turned cutting-edge metropolis that distills its own very unique spirit. Cardiff is a singular Welsh experience, decidedly separate from the wild reaches of the interior and the traditional coastal villages along the edge. It has everything it needs to keep up with the other big UK cities, from a raucous sports culture (rugby overshadows soccer here) to a monumental medieval/Victorian castle in astoundingly good condition, plus some modern projects that promise lots of attention for many years to come. Catch the Cardiff Festival in July, re-enactments around the castle and car shows in August, or brave the February chill to join in the Six Nations Rugby Championship festivities – a true Welsh rite of passage.