If you prefer wading with the starfish to swimming chlorinated laps, you need to find a pool to mesh with your spirit. Luckily, the planet has you covered: from primitive volcanic alcoves to rustic stone pockets carved out of myth, tidal pools abound. The hard part is finding the right mix of accessibility, captivating scenery, and soothing conditions to create a storybook mermaid pool experience. Here are seven such spots that will top off any holiday with a bit of whimsy.

Mermaid pool, Thassos, Greece

shutterstock_244564129Image: shutterstock.com

Hugging the stony perimeter of the Thassos coastline, this charming mermaid pool is pretty far from anything else. You’ll have to follow the road to a forest trail, and carefully scramble down to the pool amid the cliffs. In fact, the Giola lagoon’s separation from civilization is one of its charms: wading in clear water that’s warmer than the sea, it’s just you and the rocks and the ocean beyond. Surrounded by a mythical Greek island landscape, Giola’s not a far cry from the singing sirens’ oceanic home in Homer’s Odyssey.

shutterstock_244564165Image: shutterstock.com