There’s a beautiful mystery to sea caves, those hidden caverns that swallow the waves and echo with the sounds and stories of myth. Some cultures believe these are the homes of the gods; others revere the natural sounds and sights as they bounce around the stone. Some are landscapes for divers, and others are off-limits to anyone but the bravest of souls. Any way you look at it, sea caves are grand and enchanting in their own ways, especially these seven that practically beg for exploration.

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland


Among the wild and rugged Hebrides off Scotland’s west coast there sits a tiny island with an immense secret. The small island of Staffa doesn’t have much more than natural beauty to offer visitors, but one visit to Final’s Cave, and you’ll agree the trip was worth it. A narrow stone cavern known for its amazing acoustics, this cave is lines with curious geometric basalt pillars. The site and sound will convince you that you’re in a surreal stone organ – indeed, the cave has inspired a string of famous musicians to experiment with their sound.