Lighting out to new places is exciting, but leaving your comfort zone can bring some harsh consequences. Theft, damage, loss, and inconvenience can ruin a perfectly good holiday, but sometimes a helping hand can make all the difference. The best way to avoid regrettable situations is by choosing good accessories, and these are some of the most inventive, ingenious, and intuitive travel gadgets out there.

Scottevest Quest or Fleece



Worried about falling prey to pickpockets on your next urban adventure? Well then, this vest (or fleece jacket, if you need a cool weather garment) may be your new favourite accessory, with 42 cleverly concealed compartments to hold everything from your wallet to your phone charger. It’s unbelievably handy having everything in one place, and the vest gets bonus points for its stylish design and insurance policy – it comes with a $1000 anti-pickpocket guarantee.