It’s hard to deny the idyllic majesty of an island getaway. After all, who can’t appreciate a pocket of warm land surrounded by fresh blue sea, literally separated from all the cares and concerns of mainland living? There are thousands of spectacular island experiences out there, and there’s nothing quite like finding that perfect spot to sink your feet in the sand. If you’re still searching for your ultimate paradise, consider these 8 amazing island sites that will change your life.



The treasures of Bali are no secret to world travelers, but they continue to draw new eyes and old friends year after year. One reason is the sheer variety of experiences that the island has to offer, from world-class diving and surfing in the south to intimate getaways on the beaches of Bukit peninsula. But the most praise and admiration goes to the Balinese people themselves, who are genuinely warm, welcoming, and offer a love and comfort that will follow you wherever you go on the island.