Barcelona is a city that colors outside the lines. It’s exuberant and inventive, with an extraordinary artistic past framed by the proudly distinct Catalan community. You won’t have to look far for your next great meal or Gaudi masterpiece, which makes it a splendid city to walk through, and there’s certainly no shortage of colorful characters to meet along the way. Barcelona has a Mediterranean vibe all its own, and before you leave the glistening coastline and voluptuous architecture, be sure to hit these eight remarkable sites that ooze Catalan culture.

Park Güell


North of the city center sits Gaudi’s famous undulating mosaic landscape – hands-down, one of Barcelona’s most beautiful attractions. In true Gaudi form, the park features a heady mix of collages, curving statues, and green space, with a network of walking trails to lead you through the strange and enchanting sites that were once meant to become a neighbourhood for Barcelona’s elite. The Sala Hipóstila is a bold and colorful space, originally meant as a marketplace, with its famous stonework gallery and symbols of the seasons. The Casa-Museu Gaudi is easy to spot with its long spire, and houses the architect’s furniture designs, as well as an impressive collection of his sketches and sculptures.