Bordeaux’s wine-making heritage is known far and wide, and although the region is absolutely deserving of that reputation, the vineyards often overshadow the other delights of the city. In fact, Bordeaux sits on a fresh and sunny edge of the country, with brisk Atlantic breezes and an immensely varied terrain to keep life interesting. Located in the center of Poitou and Aquitaine (a region with a military history and deep Roman roots), Bordeaux boasts a stunning collection of 18th century architecture and a delectable menu from the sea to the west and the pastures to the right. Don’t miss these eight stops on a trip through this uniquely historical city and its fruitful surroundings.

Place de la Bourse


At the foot of Bordeaux’s old town you’ll find the stately and charming Place de la Bourse, a square flanked by two gigantic manors, the Palais de la Bourse and Hôtel des Douanes, some of the most pristine examples of late 18th century architecture. The beautifully symmetrical square has become one of the key images of Bordeaux, with a grandiose silhouette that beckons photographers through the day and night – the two perspectives are equally atmospheric. A sprawling, shallow pool (the Miror des Quais) stretches out in front of the complex to complete the scene, and on still days, the reflective effect is mesmerizing.