Prague has a staggering amount of social significance, and preserved mementos from every era within its stony streets. Ornate bridges arch gracefully over the river Vltava, and the Old Town stands in all its medieval and Gothic splendour, practically untouched for centuries. The castle – a proud reminder of Prague’s golden age – overlooks the red roofed village houses and tiny restaurants that have seen some of Europe’s most legendary figures and movements, from Kafka to the stirrings of communism and Havel’s Velvet Revolution. Indeed, there are so many sites, era, and artifacts to take in, it can be difficult to craft a good itinerary. Begin with these eight sites in the heart of Prague that unveil the history and significance of this majestic and mysterious city.

Old Town Square


No visit to Prague could ever be complete without a visit to the Old Town Square, a collection of colorful architecture from different eras, including medieval palaces, Rococo facades, and Art Nouveau ministries. Walk through the 11th century Powder Gate to the wide cobbled square, where you’ll find a number of cafes, shops and galleries lining the sides, and small arched alleys leading out from the center. With stone figures, gilded sculptures, and painted crests adorning each stretch of building, it’s easy to ignore the crowds and take in the historic (and somewhat chaotic) beauty of the architecture.