8 Sites in the South of France to Top off Your Trip

Sunny Southern France is a traveler’s dream, with pristine seaside cities, bright and fresh countryside, and culinary culture that stretches on for miles and miles. The French are just as enamoured with the southern reaches of their country as visitors from abroad; many people from northern locales close up shop and head down for a month or more in the summer. Of course, all this popularity means crowds are a given, which makes it difficult to simply drift along, deciding on your next destination as you go. Instead, plan ahead and choose your sites wisely – any of the following places deserve a spot on your itinerary!



One of the most spectacular medieval towns still standing, Carcassonne is right out of the pages of a storybook: a cluster of turrets and ramparts soar above the inner maze of narrow streets, and the Chateau tucked away at the back of the fortified village has a moat and five towers. The military might and significance of this city in the middle ages is immediately noticeable, but look a little deeper for a better picture of Carcassonne in the crusades. A tumultuous and often violent history has left a legacy of battle artifacts, cathedral fragments, and arts lamenting the persecution of the Cathars.