This unassuming little country on the edge of the Baltic Sea is more than meets the eye. Spread out over 1,500 islands to the west and north, old-growth forest and still lakes to the south and east, the terrain may be flat but it’s certainly not boring. Nature lovers have known its beautiful, natural demeanor for a long time, but visitors are often surprised at the abundance of cultural and distinct history within its borders: while it was once part of the Soviet Union, there’s evident influence from Estonia’s Scandinavian neighbours, but it’s really an entirely unique nation. See the charm and beauty for yourself with a tour of these 8 beguiling sites across Northern Europe’s most underrated nation.

1. Tallinn

Estonia’s capital is cradled by coastline and still protected by an ancient wall, though there is as much modern pull here as medieval charm. In fact, the mix of old and new is one of the finest facets of Tallinn: turrets and cobbles of the romantic Old Town mingle with sleek glass skyscrapers and modern culinary feats. The heart of the action is at Raekoja Plats, the site of 11th century markets and modern-day reveling, where pastel facades circle a stony square of charming cafes, street performers and seasonal displays. It truly is one of the prettiest cities in Europe, and whether you stroll through Kadriorg Park with its regal Russian backdrop or soak in centuries of culture and history in one of the world-class museums, you’re sure to leave with memories to last a lifetime.tallinn