Nature never ceases to amaze, especially when it comes to rock that has been sculpted like clay and proudly displayed. Naturally- formed bridges are some of the most mysterious and thought-provoking structures out there: with no engineer but time, wind and water, these enormous arches have survived centuries and captivated people for generations. Some see them as sacred, others relish the optical illusions they create, but whatever your reason for visiting a big, beautiful natural bridge, it should always inspire a bit of wonder. These eight exceptional stone bridges from around the globe are sure to do just that.

Anastarpi Coastline, Iceland


Natural bridges are magnets for photographers, and one of the most ubiquitous images floating around the web is of a joyful traveler on the Anastarpi Coastline natural bridge in Iceland. This incredible basalt rock formation was carved out by the ocean over eons, leaving a structurally-sound bridge that – as the photo shows – visitors can move across. With Iceland’s prehistoric backdrop and the crashing sea underfoot, it’s definitely a humbling experience.