If the icy landscape is weighing on your spirits, you’re not alone. Not everyone can afford the time, money, or stressful logistics of a beach getaway in the dead of winter, and that’s OK. Instead of fleeing to warmer climes, embrace the chill with wonderful activities that celebrate fresh snow, long nights, and crystal clear winter days. Skiing and snowboarding aren’t your cup of tea? No problem – there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of winter’s charms.

Snow Tubing in Colorado

w1You don’t need any Alpine skills to enjoy America’s top mountain landscapes. Cooper Mountain in Colorado has slopes put aside for snow tubing – you can take to the slopes with an inflatable tube, and spend an afternoon gliding down the pine-lines pathways without the risk of a painful fall. Well, there’s still the potential for sore muscles, but some downtime in the spa at the foot of the mountain should take care of that.