Whether you’re flying in for work or stopping in on a European tour, Geneva is a nice place to visit for a few days. Its central location makes it easy to connect to an itinerary, and there are a number of fabulous day trips to medieval towns and Alpine landscape you could take, but be sure to enjoy the city center, too. After all, it isn’t all banks and watch shops here – Geneva has significant history, a remarkable old town, and some well-kept secrets to keep you engaged. Check out these top spots in Geneva for a true glimpse into the city’s past and present.

Botanical garden


Geneva’s Flower Clock is a famous photo op, but it’s not the most impressive flora the city has to offer. Across the street from the Palais des Nations you’ll find acres of plants from every continent, organized in scenic plots with ponds, bridges, forest pathways, and grassy knolls. The beautiful layout makes for a thoroughly enjoyable stroll in any season, and you’ll find lots of plaques and descriptions as you move along. There’s also a glassed cactus house, and the water plant displays – with floating lilies and lotus blossoms – are particularly impressive. In a city with plenty of traffic, concrete, and corporate hubbub, this is the perfect escape for a breath of fresh air.