Some of us just like to do something a little different. Something no one else has done. Or something no one else would ever even dream of doing. You want to take pictures to share with your friends that will leave them jealous and breathless all at the same time? Well, we have you covered with these must have experiences from around the world that you won’t want to miss out on.9 must have experiances from around the world

 1. Dunes in Namibia

Want to climb the world’s highest dunes in Namibia? You can try Big Daddy (325m) and Dune 7 (383m), which are both on the list of the world’s tallest dunes. Apparently, these 300-meter sand hills will be the most exotic peaks you will ever conquer. Dunes in Namibia

2. Cave Dive

Setting out on a cave dive in the cenotes of Mexico will give you endless opportunities of exploration. The natural swimming pools in Yucatan are a paradise for any diver. Then there are the underwater mazes and corridors, countless rock formations and oddly shaped columns of stalactites and stalagmites. Cave Dive