While we usually think only of how to get to our destination and the way we travel there, we should also consider that in some parts of the world there are some unique modes of transport that in and of themselves are attractions. It is all part of the experience when you try something new on your travels and how you get around in some parts of the world becomes part of your memories of your stay.

9 Unique Modes of Travel from Around the World

1. Rickshaw, Japan

Predominantly still found as a way to get around the previous capital city, Kyoto this traditional Japanese mode of transportation is now a novelty for tourists. A hand carried buggy transports you to your destination by leg power alone. You need to try this at least once.Rickshaw, Japan

2. Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Japan

The fastest way to travel on the ground in Japan, the Bullet train connects most major cities on the island. The train runs at approximate speeds of 320km/hr.Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Japan