Ah, vacation. A time to escape your hectic life and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. You pack your bags and head out to that one special place you’ve always wanted to visit. But then you arrive and are bombarded with thousands of other people who had the same idea you had. Suddenly, your trip has become more stressful than your life at home as you try to escape the crowds. If you are looking for places to visit in Europe that won’t have you rubbing shoulders with a crowd of strangers, read below. These are some of the most beautiful places that have not yet been overtaken by tourists.

1. Istanbul, Turkey

This is one of Europe’s most intriguing cities that is part of both Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus separates the two sides of Istanbul, with each side having a unique charm to it. While it is still a popular destination for summer travellers, it is less crowded than other parts in the West of Europe. Istanbul, Turkey

2. Moscow, Russia

This is one of Europe’s most interesting but underrated countries to visit. You will need to get a visa to visit but it’s worth the effort. So skip the summer crowds and head off the beaten track to what is known as Eastern Europe’s historical gem – the Russian capital of Moscow. Moscow, Russia