9 Beautifully Secluded Spots To Set Up Camp

Camping can mean different things to different people, but purists agree that the less involved, the better. A portable tent, a pack of supplies, and a pair of good hiking boots will get you farther than a car and a trailer full of stuff, and you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the solitude, absorb the fresh air, and explore the untouched surroundings. But backcountry camping is demanding, and you want to make sure all your hard work will be rewarded. For a truly awe-inspiring experience, follow a trail to one of these natural wonderlands to enjoy backcountry camping at its finest.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


It’s hard to beat miles of flowering fields, untouched forest, and a backdrop of the towering Rockies, which puts Banff at the top of Canada’s backwoods camping regions. There are plenty of mellow sites close to the roads for casual campers, but to experience the majestic heart of Alberta, head off the main trail and make your way out to the Skoki Region. Here, three rustic campgrounds are linked by trails and surrounded by cool, clear lakes and some of Canada’s most legendary wildlife. If you’d like the backcountry experience with a bit more comfort at night, you can stay in Skoki Lodge – campers agree that it’s one of the finest backcountry accommodations in North America.