Looking for the best day trips to take in the US? When it comes to a little vacation away from home, you don’t always have to travel thousands or even hundreds of miles away to enjoy yourself! There are plenty of day trips that might just be close enough to where you live so that you can enjoy yourself without having to handle the extra expense of longer travel time.


The Best Day Trips To Take In The US – Which Will You Do Next?

The best day trips in the US are ready for you to take right now, and a few of them may be closer than you think!


Bahia Honda State Park

For nature at its best, Bahia Honda State Park near Miami is the perfect spot for a day trip. There is a park with over 500 acres where you can spot lagoons, sand dunes and mangroves. There are plenty of excursions to see the sting rays up close or even a barracuda. If snorkeling is your thing, then Bahia Honda State Park has some of the world’s best. If you just want to hang out and relax, the beaches are pretty and the sun is warm. Don’t forget kayaking, paddling, and fishing either—Bahia Honda State Park has it all in this Florida paradise.

Bahia Honda State Park is one of the best Day Trips To Take In The US



If you live near Houston and are looking for one of the best day trips to take in the US, you won’t do much better than Galveston. This barrier island has tons to offer the entire family, and you won’t find better seafood than the shrimp, crab, and lobster here—caught fresh, of course. The Pleasure Pier offers up carnival rides and games, and there is even a water park for those extra hot days. There are historic homes to explore, beaches, and activities such as bike riding and the Duck Tour.