Scuba divers across the globe know what it’s like to find a sweet spot under the sea, the thrill of meeting a new bustling reef, or the awe of finally catching a rare glimpse of a massive creature. For these explorers, there’s nothing like a day spent in quiet seclusion under the waves, but there are many variables that make a good dive, and they may not be the same for every diver. So, if you feel more at home under the surface, why not find your ideal retreat? Here are 10 dives that stand out from the rest, either for their clarity, uniqueness, or scores of sea life.

Magnetic Island, Australia


The Magnetic Island reef sits five miles off the coast of Queensland, but you can reach it from sheltered beaches and gentle waters. Here you’ll find the famous S.S. Yongala wreck, where countless species of fish and marine life have made a happy home. The colors and clarity are what you would expect from the Great Barrier Reef, but on a smaller – and more accessible – scale.