When it comes to atmospheric phenomena, not much can match the Aurora Borealis. Aptly called the Northern Lights, these beautifully peculiar waves of light are beguiling enough to throw you off your snowmobile, especially if all the right wintery conditions come together at once. Clear skies, snowy climes, and a perfect collision of particles from the earth’s and sun’s atmospheres will promise a colorful show, and though it could happen anywhere in the upper half of the Northern Hemisphere, there are a handful of spots on earth where your chances of seeing the lights are much better.

Svalbard, Norway

1Image: shutterstock.com

Up in Norway’s arctic reaches, you’ll find Svalbard, an icy island that’s home to an array of northern wildlife and some of the best light shows in the night sky. The sun doesn’t show itself between November and February – an ethereal blue twilight is all you get – and that’s when you can usually catch the swaths of colorful Northern Lights.