There are many places to go for a taste of the world’s richest chocolate creations, but Europe is a good place to begin. There’s no reason why chocolate-lovers can’t turn some attention to their favorite treat while they travel Europe – in fact, you can hit some of the most revered cities and villages in European chocolate culture without missing a beat . From Swiss truffles in the Alps to luscious chocolate sauce as warm as the Spanish sun, look into these hot sport for chocolate production and appreciation.

1. Bruges, Belgium

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the storybook city of Bruges is home to more chocolate shops than any other city in the world. Sitting along cobbled bridges and between pastoral canals, duck into any of the small, dimly lit chocolate shops for a selection of artfully made confections. Fresh Belgian waffles are a perennial favorite, especially covered with warm and rich dark chocolate sauce, but be sure to pick up a box of chocolates to take home, too.