Are you ready to travel on your vacation without the challenges of heavy traffic, high fuel prices and confusing road maps? Consider a different method of getting around by reading this informative list of the best places to travel by train.


Discovering The Best Places To Travel By Train

Relax while riding across rolling countrysides, through bustling urban landscapes and everywhere in between; because many train services offer sleeper and dining cars, there is no need to look for hotels and restaurants along the way. Once you get acquainted with train travel, you may wonder why you ever bothered getting in a car to explore your surroundings!


New Hampshire – Mount Washington Cog Railway

Running through New Hampshire, the Mount Washington Cog Railway has been operating for nearly 150 years. Head off on a three-hour journey that ends at the 6,228-foot summit of Mount Washington. You can even send a postmarked stamp from the top of the mountain or take photos at the summit marker. You also have the choice of taking the trip in a historic steam-powered engine or opting for a more eco-friendly approach by boarding a biodiesel engine. Train trips typically fill up fast, so make sure to consider advance tickets.

New Hampshire - Mount Washington Cog Railway is one of the Best Places to Travel By Train

See Australia Via the Ghan Expedition Train

If you’re on your way Down Under and seeking the best places to travel by train, get the down low on the Ghan Expedition Train, also known as the Afghan Express. It’ll take you from Darwin to Adelaide over the course of four days. Sit back and relax as your train car travels smoothly through some of the most picturesque parts of Australia. There is no need to worry about being cooped up on the train for the entire trip. During the journey, you’ll get to take part in several off-train excursions.

Explore the Pacific Northwest With the Amtrak Cascades Route