7 Sea Excursions that will Change Your Life

If sitting on a beach isn’t your idea of an ocean getaway, you’re not alone: each year, thousands of people hop on a boat, pull on their scuba gear, cast out their fishing lines, or grab their binoculars and light out into the big blue ocean. They are the natural explorers, and if you count yourself among these inquisitive travelers, it’s time to visit some little known gems that offer a lot of underwater treasures.  Get off the coast and into these seven seascapes, where you can come face-to-face with some of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring creatures on the planet.

Florida Keys


Sport fishing enthusiasts will have their pick of fishing boat in the Florida Keys, where you’re more likely to cross paths with big game fish than anywhere else in the region. The mellow tropical weather makes for pleasant excursions out into the open sea, and you’ll be delighted at the amount of swordfish, marlin, tuna, and wahoo swimming around. If you’re not into fishing, enjoy a boat tour that will sail, paddle, or motor you around the calm, clear waters of the keys.