With a New Year upon us, many of you may be looking for something exciting to do – perhaps a trip that will help you kickstart 2016. But while you look at your credit card bill from Christmas shopping, you are likely thinking you can’t afford any new adventures right now. Well think again. We have done our research and, with a little help from budgettravel.com, have found you some of the most exciting trips you can take that won’t break the bank. In fact, these destinations are super-affordable and will leave you wondering why you haven’t dusted off your passport already. Budget Friendly Adventures to Take in the New Year

1. Hiking a Volcano

Ever want to get up close and personal with a volcano? Well, now you can at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You will get to drive right up to the caldera and take part in the Crater Rim Drive, an 11-mile road that passes through the volcano landscapes. You can also walk inside the Thurston Lava Tube that will allow you to walk 1/3 mile inside Kilauea where lava actually flowed hundreds of years ago. About an hour’s drive outside the park, along Highway 130 in Puna, is the entrance to Kalapana, a town that was once covered by a 1990 lava flow. You can do all of this for under $100 a person. Hiking a Volcano

2. Zorbing

Ever heard of zorbing? It’s the art of rolling and bouncing down a hill while inside a giant, hamster-wheel-like plastic ball. It’s been quite popular since 1997 and if you travel to New Zealand you are sure to get the experience of a lifetime. Here you will have two options: Zydro, a water-ride version, and Zorbit, a dry version. Prices for the ride are about $45 per person. Zorbing